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La Paz to Mazatlán, Bienvenidos to the MainLand!

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Once entering La Paz we settled down at the cheap hotel we found close to the beach, Mateo was on the internet to find out there was a soccer game on, Mexico vs USA. No wonder there were so many people walking around La Paz with Mexico jerseys on. Mateo tossed on his jersey and we headed down to a pizza shop to watch the game, enjoyed some great pizza, limonada y cervesa.

On Thursday we got up early and took off down to the dock where the ferry leaves from. We where able to get our vehicle import permit and purchased some of the last tickets for the ferry. Score! The check out time for our hotel was noon and we didn’t need to be down to the ferry dock until three pm, for a departure time of five. We had the whole day to enjoy La Paz. The waters here are a deep aqua color and different shades depending on how the sun is hitting the water. Purely mesmerizing, Jaques Casto said that La Paz was the worlds aquarium. Despite the water being choppy, and the windiness we decided to rent stand-up paddle boards and hit the beach.2014-04-03 at 09-43-09
2014-04-03 at 09-46-01This was the first “paid” activity. It was a lot of standing up and falling over into the water, yet it was surely fun. Made it back to the hotel in time for a quick shower and turned in our keys right at 11:56! Meandered around town until it was time to catch the ferry.
18 hour long ferry ride, I have never been en-route for that long. We got to the dock and right onto the ferry. They had me walk on and Mateo stayed with the motorcycle. We came across another Adventure rider Leif, his trip will be a total of 6 weeks down through the states from British Columbia, Canada, through Baja, to Mazatlan and then heading back north. It has been nice for Mateo to have someone to chat motorcycles with. I mildly understand his talk of motorcycle maintenance. The ferry is more of a cargo ship for semi-trucks than a passenger ferry, we did receive dinner and breakfast. There is a small top deck, with a cafeteria.2014-04-03 at 18-07-54 I had spent some time reading reviews on trip adviser, about half the reviews were horror stories. It was more about perspective than anything else, I did understand this is not our US passenger ferry, any thing more than getting us there safe is awesome. Granted, sleep was hard to catch, between the loud noises and children running around. We are staying in Mazatlan tonight at a hostel called the Funky Monkey, I’m looking forward to a good nights rest and possibly some art looking.2014-04-04 at 10-24-09 Matt has also requested I call him Mateo, and I think it is cute.2014-04-04 at 18-32-25

There are so many Volks Wagons here!