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Baja time

2014-03-29 at 13-18-16
My first fish taco!!! and my Awesome glasses/helmet tan!2014-03-28 at 13-09-32We ended up leaving LA later in the day, and want to stick to the no driving at night. So we stayed just on the boarder and got an early start the next day. We were across the boarder in no time, no waiting, no passport check we where in Mexico, yes Mexico. Why was I scared, bahh because of the unknown. I didn’t know what Mexico was like thats why i was scared. Having an awesome imagination goes both ways it can be good it can be bad, it can go crazy! So far we have not felt no danger. Go team!2014-03-28 at 18-40-39

2014-03-28 at 18-49-14 (1)The first night was spent at a nomadic off the grid hostel. Run by a guy named Rich who had been out on this sweet surf spot for thirty years. Rich cooked us a fantastic breakfast of burritos. The surf was great! (we watched surfers from night to day)

2014-03-17 at 10-43-582014-03-29 at 08-24-52We drove all day until we found a cozy spot a mile off the road in the middle of the desert, the key to this type of camping is making sure you have enough water. We went to sleep with a giant sky of stars and a great view of Mars and Jupiter. My favorite constellation of stars is Orion’s belt. Matthew said he herd a coyote in the middle of the night far off in the distance. I woke up to silence, this is a type of silence I am not used to, it’s almost hard to fall asleep it is so quiet. Nothing to distract your mind as you fall asleep. We got up before the sun to avoid the heat of the sun rising. 2014-03-29 at 18-44-14

2014-03-29 at 15-12-482014-03-29 at 18-58-32We had our longest day of 277 miles, oh my butt. I knew that soreness of the hind quarters was inevitable, my knees and back were another story. Almost every morning I wake up and stretch which is so necessary to make it through the day. Our stops to stretch, eat, and hydrate are really an excuse to relive our sore tushies! At the end of this long day the sun was setting and Matt had researched where we could find some free camping on the Bay of Conception. We had the beach all to ourselves. I would say I’m starting to get used to the discomfort of camping each night, lack of showers, risky food and repacking each night. It is all becoming comfortable, homie, if I were alone I’m not sure I could do it. Matthew is my piece of home that is with me always, he is my untanigble hostel. 2014-03-30 at 18-44-102014-03-31 at 08-56-40 2014-03-31 at 16-34-16 (1)2014-03-28 at 18-45-25