Monthly Archives: January 2014

Like many adventures before

I am nervous, I’m ready for this holding pattern to be over. Took a long ride out to Whidbey Island and really realized how hard the first couple weeks will be on my body and also my mind. Spending hours in a helmet with only your thoughts can be really interesting, it’s the same feeling when I’m alone in the car with no music.
I like it but this period of thought full reflection it is also very intimidating. Yet this is what I want, to not have the distractions of the normal day to day life and figure out what re-experiencing life is. Got to experience a great sunset out at Deception Pass State Park, making the ride a full loop from Everett to Mukilteo to Whidbey across to I-5 and back home!

Undergoing travel for extended period of time!

A whole month, it seems like a long time when you are waiting in anticipation for something and also a short time when I think of how much needs to get packed up, sold, and stored away before my grand departure. A trip like never before a so called “once in a life adventure” that I have heard many wished they would of taken before bills, marriage, kids had taken priority in their lives. And still wish to take once their career has concluded.