Daily Archives: February 3, 2014


Oh geez I tried to sleep in the hammock last night made it an astounding four hours only to look at my clock and see I wasn’t even close to half way. The drums were drumming and the crickets just buzzing away I went inside the second half of the night! Thank goodness because work took it out I me today, my period really drains me and it did just that today!
I was hessant to do the hygern work ahead of me, would I know what todo, would I hurt some one and what does it feel like. Once I received a small veg demo I was rolling I felt good chipping away at each tooth in each persons mouth I saw. It was described to me as cleaning the mot from a castle. I was saving teeth from decay, hoping to improve the life span that little tip touch, when black stuff chipped out, I knew I was doing something right. Not only saving teeth but making the over all health of a person better I they knew it or not. A close representation of Haiti in every mouth we are just people chipping away at decay trying to make this place better.