Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

Island life of Ometepe.

We step off the ferry San Juan del Sur is a very small town. The ferry dock is just a dirt road out into the water. I wonder if staying on dry land would have been a better idea. The ferry ride was great not even a bump, we had read that approaching the shore it could get really wavy and there was a good chance that even of you were down in the enclosed area of the boat that you to would be splashed by waves. Not for our trip. As we are walking down this dirt road to the town we pass a mini van, I saw some Americans that we encountered in Leon getting onto it. For a brief second I question if we should ask to get on it thinking it would land us in the bigger city but I soon dismiss that and fallowed everyone else. Once we hit the main road we ask some local about getting to Moyogalpa. The locals said there are no taxi and the busses are finished for the day, it is dark out. Mateo had already looked up a hostel, the directions were as followed go to the main road turn right and you’ll find us. With no other options we did just that. I felt weird with the darkness surrounding us and only a couple locals in sight. We soon arrive at Hostel Sinai. A young boy greets us with a giant smile and good English. After getting into our rooms we sat down for a bit to eat. This little hostel had a welcoming family feeling to it, wifi and a restaurant. We order quickly because the lady working the kitchen will not go home until we have hot food in front of us. Danny tells us of the lack of rain, the rainy season should have already started there but it has not rained once. Shortly after informing us of this it starts to pour rain. Danny was really helpful, we told him of our want to ride motorcycles around the island, many books have said it is the most efficient way to tour the island. We could see many sights in one day instead of only a couple with many hours of hot chicken busses. Mateo was aching to get on a motorcycle. He spends some of his internet time looking at craigslist for motorcycles, and a replacement engine for his own. Timmy said he knew how to drive as well so Danny sets it up for two motorcycles and four helmets to arrive at 8 am the next morning. We are eating dinner and the power goes out.2014-05-15 at 21-06-44 The power goes out here randomly and stays out for long periods of time it is understandable. The power plant gets over worked and the power goes out. Many people are saving for solar panels, at the hostel Danny has already set up enough solar panels to generate electricity to keep the coolers running when the power shuts down. Danny is impressive for a 25 year old. Practically running the hostel on his own and also the restaurant. The power come on and off throughout the night making sleep difficult. I don’t mind sleeping in heat but when the fan shuts down I start to heat up to a point I cannot sleep.