Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

Toe Warmers



So when we left Snohomish Saturday morning it had started to snow, bahh cold… then looking at the forecast of the following week all rain, all the time all the way down the coast. Now we have arrived in Coos Bay, soaking wet but not cold. Matt has the great job of driving due to my lack of experience, he blocks a good amount of wind and rain. So I stay more dry than him and a bit more warm. Tonight it was a great surprise to stay in a yurt on Sunset Bay! There is a heater to help our clothing to dry. Our other two nights we had the luxury of being hosted by friends tonight we were on our own. It was delightful to play some frisbee on the beach and cook up some romin noodle.
The winds and rains have really been the most trying part of the trip so far. But now that we are off I-5 the scenery is looking up as well as the task of riding. Once we left Harrisburg we went down to Eugene and out to Florence, then south on 101. Goal for tomorrow is the Red Woods in California. It’s hard not to just keep pushing until we arrive in San Francisco where getting a Brazilian visa could take up to a week. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s ride into the forests along with some hiking!