Roughing it…



Not so much, we will try to get our Brazilian visas tomorrow, or at least find out what the whole process looks like. When you don’t have an entry date or departure or even a place to stay countries are not too keen on what you may be doing there. We will try, and hope they will be more helpful at the consulate than not. We are staying in Livermore which is east of San Fran. It’s relaxing, fun, and Burke and Norma have been helpful and exceedingly hospitable. Not to mention hilarious. We are taking the BART in to San Fran tomorrow, being a train lover I’m excited for our little trip under the bay!
This morning Matt went out to check on the tent because I had set it up yesterday for it to start drying out, he found it in the pool around 11, I guess it needed a swim.



  1. Cassandra March 12, 2014

    Ummm, guess you should have staked it down better, tent swimming it is

  2. Garret March 13, 2014

    extreme sleeping

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