we spent the day on a amazon river tour, it was great we had a lunch that even included salad. Our tour included a trible dance by some indidanous people. This was extremely actward for us it seemed more like a dress up party, it just seemed like we were exploring the people. Mateo was really uncomfortable me a little less so. We also swam with pink dolphins, it was no sea world but it was cool to be in the same water as these hungry little dolphins.  The lady would chum the water with small fish and we sat on life jackets and floated around her, then the dolphins would come up and eat the fish out of her hand. Our next event was stopping at a house on the river a young girl came onto the boat with a small furry creator with little black eyes and three long claws on each limb. It was a sloth! We had seats in the front of the boat so I was the first to hold this little sloth, he was so slow moving and just wanted to wrap his arms all around everything. Mateo held him and he blended right in with his beard. Seeing and holding the sloth made my trip here, Sloths are real!!

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