Wild Wild Horses

2014-05-18 at 08-25-39Everyone one woke up late. I guess riding a motor bike around the island really took it put of them. Then there is me waking up early, I like my mornings drinking coffee and blogging on my own. I have always been a person to wake early ever since I was a kid. I remember taking books to friends houses during sleepovers and being the first to wake up and waiting hours for everyone else to wake up and reading and waiting around until my friends woke up. The employees are always awake when I am the majority of the time. I don’t like forcing my myself back into sleep unless I’m really tired. When the light starts to shine I’m like a rooster. We have all decided we will stay today and leave tomorrow on the first boat at 7:30am. Then get onto a TicaBus into Costa Rica, Danny has told us that the TicaBus picks up at 9:30. I am not 100% when I take travel advise from people when it benefits them, we spend more money here at the hostel if we stay one more day. We stay plan to stay another night anyways. This island is really beautiful, today will be a beach day. After everyone is awake we get some breakfast into us and head to a short hike and down to the beach. It’s amazing how this little island was once surrounded by salt water and now over hundreds of years has turned to fresh water. It is a wives tail but we have heard there are fresh water sharks, they haven’t been seen for many years now. We start making our way away from the hostel, at the beginning of the trail there is a butterfly arbordium, I go and venture off on my own to go inside.

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What a cool place, full of so many butterflies. Butterfly’s only have a life span of two weeks, some of them spend the majority of their life’s living on the forest floor. They are interesting little beings. I catch up with Mateo at the entrance and we wonder in to find Tua and Timmy. I’m going to miss our Swedes, it’s nice traveling in a pack of four. We will part ways four hours into Costa Rica. The hike is nice and hot with great views, we opt out of swimming in the Laguna because it looks like a power shake full of kale and spinach. The beach is awesome, swimming in a lake that feels like the ocean without the salt, it is really nice. We find a place to get some lunch, Tua is always looking for dessert or cookies I love this about her, because then we can share. I try to limit the sweets or that’s all I would eat. Everyone falls asleep and rests up a bit with a view of the beach and cool breeze it is easy to find yourself sleeping. 2014-05-17 at 16-21-02

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Today will be a relaxing one, I’m really sore from the motor bike ride yesterday.2014-05-17 at 17-38-20
We wake up early and scurry to the boat, that is ten minute walk away, Danny has been so helpful, when we were paying our bill last night it was much less than we all expected, he really gave us a deal. I would love to go back to the island and stay right in the forest to explore more. We have to find the TicaBus station as soon as we can when we get to Rivas. Taxi cab drivers can be helpful at getting you places. The boat ride is beautiful with views of both the volcanos, what a lovely past couple days we have had.2014-05-18 at 07-35-54

on the boat ride back to shore

on the boat ride back to shore


  1. Pam Grandlund June 4, 2014

    Emily by listing all your adventures they bless everyone else who can’t travel this way. Or in my case who are not as brave as you. Have fun honey and be safe!

  2. Sheila Donoghue June 4, 2014

    Emily and Mateo:

    Even though I haven’t commented on your blog that much, I have been following your adventures. It looks like you two are thoroughly enjoying your travels and have nothing but exciting sites to see and experiences you’ll carry with you for a lifetime – how wonderful that you can realize this dream trip!
    I was bummed when I heard your trusty motorcycle broke down, but you have made the best of it and continued on your journey. Bravo!

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