Sleeping like sardines

2014-05-15 at 10-21-21We had read up on a place called Cascada Blanca, we wanted to make use of all this camping gear we were carring around and the Swedes were interested in camping. Cascada Blanca is the name of a waterfall just ten kilometers out of town, it had a place to camp, swim and a river to explore. All four of us were game, Tua and I successfully went out to the market and purchased food for the night and morning and we all boarded a taxi to go to the waterfall. We all wanted to make the most of the last couple days the Swedes had before they boarded a plane in Costa Rica in a week. After paying to get in we went to set up camp under a giant rock ledge.

"the cave"

“the cave”

We were right next to the pool under the waterfall. I was hoping we would be the only ones there. Just after finishing setting up camp we made our way directly into the water, the sun had already passed the swimming hole so it perfect temperature to swim with no sun screen. It was nice to be away from the city and the commotion. At times I just long for our little tent hide away.2014-05-14 at 14-06-22 It has been the only consistent home other than each ther we have had. So every time we set up camp it is comforting. Our tent is a 3+, we bought the 3+ because we would have gear and wanted our packs to be in the tent with us. We intend to fit all 4 of us in the tent to sleep, I guess we will cross our fingers and see how it goes. The four of us took a self-guided river tour down the river a couple kilometers! 2014-05-14 at 16-25-15

2014-05-14 at 17-06-04We all make a great exploring team. It so nice to get some girl time and for Mateo to get some boy time with Timmy. Such as building a giant fire that nearly touched the rock above it and having to wakeup Tua and I because they completely smoked out the tent by burning as much wood as possible. Not to mention the giant rock they throw on the fire to help “put it out.” Boys will be boys.2014-05-14 at 19-48-10 Tua and I talked about travel and plans for the future. I am bit jealous of the Swedes they attend school for free in Sweden, covering their books is their only expense, and even get an allowance for food each month. The down side is paying substantial taxes, it was awesome to get to chat about anything and everything. To our surprise Timmy, Tua, Mateo and I all fit into the tent together! We didn’t have any of our packs and slept like sardines. Our little camping trip was a success!

Can you spot the beard in this shot.

Can you spot the beard in this shot?


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