A much needed day off.

To day we drove north out to a beach! Many of the reasonable beaches are pay to be there, but you can’t bring your own food and must buy food from them if you want to eat or drink while on the beach, and get what ever food Bourne illness they serve up as well. I got a cheese burger, given I don’t like cheese burgers normally unless it a Seattle Dicks burger. I figure safe than sorry. I’ll see tomorrow about how it really was. I have been starting to get a bit ill in the norther regions so I have been chasing the water all night. It is better during leisurely activities than enroute or furring work and the bathrooms where nice. Out side of the bugs, lack of actual clean water and heat, it just another thing to prep me for Matt and I’s South America trip. Face timing was nice as well since the hotel beach area provided wifi! I forget how redaly advaible Matt is to me with texting, email, face time, and phone calls. There are things I take for granted like checking on a significant others well being, and the instant ness of the world we all live in. I always think why do we need these break days and am soon reminded when that third day of exhaustive heat and work is in process. Because we work like mad for several hour with difficult cases and sudden heat. Many of the people we see old and young have never seen a dentist in their whole life.



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