A day in Haiti

Fried chicken, tooth rot, and body oder would describe my day so accurately. Thank God for that person some where in Haiti cooking that fried chicken towards the end of my shift, it not only made me excited for the end of the day but it covered the horrid smell of tooth and body oder I had been inhaling all day long. My patients had been getting more difficult and luckily I am getting faster at cleaning their teeth!! I tried to think of funny catchy starting lines to make this entry far more funny than it may seem. But I could not retain the ones I thought of and in reality it is hard laborious work here in less than ideal conditions.
I do love the chaos of Haiti it is fun, and there are big parts of me that wish to know a foreign land this well that I am not seen as a white person on and mission trip studying or traveling but I am seen as an equal to people of a far off place where people are poor and they know one another and help one another to sustain life and to really live.


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