The issue of things and stuff!

So we are at REI today, main reason to get Matt high ankle hiking boots in which he can also use as riding boots. A two for one many would say. We were also trying to pick up these handy travel cables in which we would be able to connect our bags to the bike so leaving it on the shady streets of Mexico and elsewhere would be more of a care free venture.
I’m overwhelmed from reading blogs, having people tell me what they think I should bring, and with my own mind. I mean really what might you need that they don’t have elsewhere? Everyone “needs” food, water, sleep and in most cases clothing. So why did I find my self standing in REI totally whacked out about what shirt I should purchase the plaid one or the blue one, which one had better pockets, how well will they dry, what about ventilation, and lastly which one cost more?? Gah I didn’t get either of them, I left with a return of two thing and purchase of two things, go-pro mount and well fitting lightweight shorts I really liked but not necessary needed. What I think I really “need” is to lose half my stuff and head to Mexico already! Everything else “needed” will be unearthed when we’re stuck on the side of the road somewhere.

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