Santa Barbara




The last couple days we have been in Pismo Beach where we enjoyed the company of Matt’s cousin and his awesome wife (she is a great host and cook). It was nice to be some where so enjoyable for three days. Matthew and I spent one day going to the beach. We received a text message from his brother that our Brazilian visas have arrived! This was exciting news for us, we not only got them but they were a week early. Now the clock is ticking to get in to Brazil by June 13, we must arrive with 90 days of us getting accepted for our visas.
We encountered our first unexpected maintenance, the crank shaft seal became faulty due to wear, and most likely dirt and grim. It is a c’mon problem on KL 250. We both got our hands dirty and were happy to discover the local CarQuest just a couple blocks away had all we needed. With us both being bicycle riders/Vw bus owners, pretty much have a green motorcycle mechanic. Matt is really savvy on research. Took us couple hours and we were off hiking.
Last night we arrived in Santa Barbara, Matt found us a place to stay via ADV rider. We found our selves in the warm company of Wayne and his wife Diane. They are adventure riders who have put the miles down here in the US. some 85,000! What a great couple. My favorite quote from the night consisted of being offered a shower and not excepting because we are cast iron pans that need to seasoned. And the reality is I have really been trying to not shower every time I get the opportunity because showers will be scarce more south of the boarder. It’s a strange discipline, I have been trying to treat this trip as though it is all a great adventure of doing thing I would not find my self doing. Not to bring all the comforts of home right alongside me but to know they will be there when I return to they just as they were when I left.



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